Shopping Bus

The ANCA shopping buses provide the opportunity for people with limited mobility to shop for themselves. A fully-Accessible minibus picks people up from their homes, takes them to a local supermarket, then home again with their shopping.

ANCA volunteers provide assistance at the home, on the bus and in the store. Staff at the store also provide assistance, especially for those with impaired vision or limited mobility.

Currently, the shopping bus runs twice a week on Wednesday and Thursday.


ANCA introduced the Shopping Bus service because it was realised that many of our clients had no opportunity to do their own food and household shopping due to their frailty, ill health or disability, having to rely on relatives. friends and neighbours to choose items on their behalf.

It is hard to imagine not having the opportunity to choose your own shopping; even the most personal items- but many people with limited mobility are in this situation. It is difficult to ask people to shop for you because you don't know what is available if you can't get to the shops yourself. ANCA provides shopping buses to enable people with severely limited mobility to have the chance to choose for themselves.

In cooperation with a local supermarket, ANCA provides transport from door to door, using Dial A Ride's fully Accessible minibuses equipped with wheelchair lifts, together with an escort who will make sure that each client is looked after.


Clients are able to choose exactly what they want for themselves, including the on-the-spot extra items and special offers

Assistance can be provided by the Supermarket staff and ANCA escorts

Opportunity to meet others over refreshments in the Supermarket cafe

Assistance from the ANCA escort on the bus to take shopping into your home

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Spaces are limited on each trip and have to be arranged with Dial A Ride by the ANCA office in advance, to ensure that all the ANCA clients are on the same bus with the ANCA escort.

Please contact the office to book a place and let staff know any special requirements.